Being a firefighter


Fire and Emergency New Zealand welcomes women to join their ranks, as the strengths that females contribute are critical to delivering fire and emergency services across New Zealand.
As well as being great firefighters, women bring different skill sets and perspectives to the role, be it as good communicators or organisers, contributing to improved empathy on station or with the victims of incidents, or bringing alternative ways of approaching issues and problems.
Whether you serve your community as a career or a volunteer firefighter in an urban or rural firefighting crew, you will be entering an exciting time in your life.
Being an operational firefighter is not the only way to be involved. There are a myriad of opportunities to help out in the volunteer sector in support roles such as administration, or more the active operational support role. There are also a range of non-operations paid careers available in Fire and Emergency.


Being a firefighter provides a wide range of opportunities for you to positively contribute to your local community through providing advice and education about fire safety, visiting local groups, schools and pre-schools, fitting smoke alarms, and talking (providing demonstrations) at events.

No two days ‘at the office’ are the same

One moment you could be catching up on paperwork, or carrying out practical training, and the next you could be on your way to a factory fire, bush fire, a car crash, or even a cat stuck in a tree.

Embark on a fulfilling career

Whether you are a paid or volunteer firefighter, there are lots of opportunities to participate in on the job training, practice evenings, distance learning and formal courses, with the opportunity to progress through the ranks. There are a number of other roles and careers in Fire and Emergency that you can pursue such as brigade administration, USAR, fire safety, and peer support.



Teamwork is an essential part of firefighting, and the challenges faced on the job means trusting and looking after each other is critical. Comradeship and support is an integral and strong part of the culture. It is a huge extended family of diverse individuals united in a common purpose.
For those with a competitive streak, skills can be honed through participating in a range of fire and emergency related team and individual competitions and challenges.
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