Women in Fire and Emergency New Zealand (WFENZ) is a group of career and volunteer female employees across New Zealand who have come together to:

'promote and facilitate the participation and success of women in fire and emergency roles in New Zealand'

WFENZ aims to create a safe, inclusive environment to encourage diversity and acknowledge our unique strengths as women.



Women and Firefighting Australasia (WAFA) Conference 2018

'Looking forward, looking back'

Wellington, New Zealand from 26 - 28 September 2018



A key focus for us is to connect women in fire and emergency roles. There are a number of ways you can get involved, visit our networking page to find out more or email us now mailto:women@fireandemergency.nz. Women that are already in the fire services are invited to join our Facebook group We are appreciative of the support we have received from Fire and Emergency New Zealand and the Professionals Firefighters Union. Both parties were happy to provide their endorsement for our work.

Members of the WFENZ network.

[otw_shortcode_content_toggle title="NOTE FROM FORMER NZFS NATIONAL COMMANDER, PAUL BAXTER" opened="closed"]paul_baxter_98x118Women have been contributing their skills and time to our fire services for decades. Yet despite their incredibly valuable contribution, they still make up a very small proportion of our career workforce and volunteers, I want that to change.It’s important to me that our women are respected, supported and encouraged to grow and progress. That can sometimes be tough when you’re a minority. I fully support the work of Women in Fire and Emergency New Zealand. It’s time to change our old mind-sets, and it’s absolutely essential our fire services reflect the variety of people out there in our communities. WFENZ is an initiative by our women, for our women, and I’m excited to get behind their work to make the fire services an even better place in which to work and contribute. Paul Baxter National Commander/Chief Executive Officer New Zealand Fire Service[/otw_shortcode_content_toggle] [otw_shortcode_content_toggle title="NOTE FROM THE NZPFU" opened="closed"]nzpfu_logo_136x136The New Zealand Professional Firefighters Union (NZPFU) is pleased to continue its support of Women in Fire and Emergency New Zealand. From its inception in 2001, the group has provided a forum within which issues specific to women in fire and emergency industries can be debated and determined. It is worth noting that within the jurisdiction of the three International Unions the N.Z. Firefighters Union particularly link with – U.F.U. of Australia, F.B.U. of the U.K. and the I.A.F.F. (North America) – there are similar Firefighter Women’s Groups and these Unions similarly offer their Women’s Group their similar support. Derek Best National Secretary New Zealand Professional Firefighters Union October 2014[/otw_shortcode_content_toggle]